Five Actionable Steps for Assessing Potential Outcomes

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Are you ready to give the most memorable presentation of your career? If so, you’re in luck because giving engaging presentations doesn’t have to be a daunting task. As a creative oddball, you understand the importance of putting yourself out there and making an impact on your audience. Whether it’s in the boardroom or online, the key to success is having an easy-to-follow “golden thread” that captures and holds your audience’s attention. Believe it or not, your audience wants you to be more successful than you do! Here are some key points to remember when creating memorable presentations:


1. Know what message you want to convey

Create a clear focus for your presentation. What are the three main takeaways that you want the audience to remember? Make sure each point speaks directly to the overall purpose of your presentation and helps create the golden thread needed for success.


2. Structure is vital

Plan out how long each section should be and what information will be presented within each section accordingly. Think of this like a roadmap and make sure that each part flows well together into one unified whole.


3. Find ways to engage

Everyone likes visuals! Incorporate slides with graphs, charts, photos, or videos into your presentation in order to make it more visually appealing. Doing this also gives attendees something else to focus on if they lose track of where you are in terms of following the golden thread.


4. Practice makes perfect

Rehearsing your presentation beforehand is crucial as it helps reduce confidence issues and allows for smooth transitions between topics without any hiccups. This also gives you an opportunity to time yourself appropriately so that your overall pacing comes across naturally instead of feeling rushed at any point in time during the actual presentation itself.


5. Making connections

Don’t forget about networking afterward! Take advantage of conversations with individuals who attended the presentation by making small talk with those regulars or taking short surveys (time permitting) if needed in order to get feedback on how effective it was from their perspective.

Follow these steps before delivering an engaging and memorable presentation and watch as everyone stands up and applauds at its conclusion!

It’s important to remember that creating a memorable presentation is no easy feat. However, with the right preparation and focus on engaging your audience through visuals and storytelling, you can achieve great success in delivering an impactful message. By following these five actionable steps for assessing potential outcomes before giving any presentation, speaking confidently will become second nature to you! With practice and dedication, soon enough you’ll be able to deliver presentations like a professional while captivating everyone in attendance from start to finish.

So go ahead – give it a try today!


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